December 01, 2019

Guangzhou: Former President of Montenegro at the International Forum in PR China

Former President of Montenegro Filip Vujanovic is participating in the International forum dedicated to multilateralism and sustainable development, in Guangzhou, PR of China.

On the session concerned with multilateralism and Paris Agreement he addressed following:

Mr. President,
Ladies and gentlemen,

Climate protection and the preservation of a healthy environment are important priorities of the international community.

The UN Sustainable Development Agenda 2030 and its implementation should provide a humanity of universal values.

The values of human rights, the rule of law and the exclusion of discrimination.

In a healthy environment in a society of equal rights and chances for all, a quality life is ensured.

For almost three decades, the UN has persisted and strongly promotes the need to prevent climate change.

Important, but not sufficient, was the 1997 Kyoto agreement. It was based on the Paris Agreement signed by the 171 states at the UN on 23 April 2016.

Never more global approval. Never more signatures in one day and never more enthusiasm and hope for the entire international community.

On behalf of Montenegro, as the President, I signed it with the greatest responsibility. The Parliament of Montenegro ratified it and the Government and all entities of the state and society implement it responsibly.

Many states have acted responsibly and effectively, contributing fully to the need for mutual success.

The Paris Agreement on Climate Change, as a milestone in the UN Sustainable Development Agenda, provides a unique global multilateral framework for addressing the serious challenges of the extremely negative impact of climate change.

Urgent and strong action is needed to strengthen ambitions and accelerate the implementation of the Paris Agreement.

Synergies between the UN Sustainable Development Agenda 2030 and the Paris Agreement must be steadily intensified to prevent temperatures above 1.5 degrees C from rising.

The greatest obligation and the greatest responsibility is on the countries most at risk of the environment.

In China, which has been dedicated and effectively demonstrated to have significantly improved the quality of the environment for the benefit of its people and its humanity.

Also, the United States, which after China is most threatening to the environment. AmericaČs official policy in the first place is opposed to the commitments made in the Paris Agreement.

This must not discourage others. They must encourage many and significant entities in the United States who want to preserve the environment and who, in community and in multilateralism, protect their own state and society.

I will end with the message that we need to be together to be stronger individually.

Thank you for your attention. more
November 28, 2019

Former President of Montenegro Filip Vujanovic visits Italy

Former President of Montenegro Filip Vujanovic is paying two-days visit to Rome alongside Nizami Ganjavi International Center. Former presidents of states and governments, who are the members of NGIC, whose Board Member is former President Vujanovic, have met today with Pope Francis.

Pope Francis stressed as follows:

Ladies and gentlemen,

First and foremost, I wish you warm welcome. Thank you for your visit especially to Nizami Ganjavi Foundation which chose Rome as a place to held this meeting.

I am thankful for your dedication to face with major challenges of nowadays, aiming to promote peace through dialogue and mutual respect, inspired by great Persian poet from 12th century, after whom your foundation has been named. Using your broad experience and values you gained while covering positions with great responsibilities, you are working to the benefit of global society. I wish you great results facing with climate changes challenges.

I encourage you to keep continue with doing so, convinced that the best way for this is throughout dialogue, mutual cooperation and understanding, which at the same time are methods which helps developing fraternity between people and nations. ("Document on Human Fraternity", Abu Dhabi, 4 February 2019).

Once again, thank you very much. May God bless your work, your peoples and all humankind.
November 27, 2019

Rome: Former President of Montenegro Filip Vujanovic is paying visit to Italy

Former President of Montenegro is currently paying two-day visit to Italy, alongside Nizami Ganjavi International Center. On this occasion NGIC, whose Board member is former President Vujanovic, has organized High-Level Meeting in the Senate of the Republic of Italy. On the panel which was concerned with challenges of Caspian and Mediterranean region, former President Vujanovic addressed following:

Dear moderator and panelists,
Your Excellencies,
Ladies and gentlemen,

I am grateful to the NGIC for organising this panel and for the opportunity to participate in it.

Ownership and quality of energy is a condition of economic stability, the basis of economic development and a guarantee of quality of life for construction. Since regions and countries have different energy situations, cooperation in this field is of utmost importance and represents a regional and global obligation.

The quality of this cooperation largely depends on the quality of life. Energy development implies dialogue, agreement and cooperation.

Energy development excludes disrespect for the other and the use of force. Therefore, energy cooperation is a proof of responsibility to the present and concern for the future.

Cooperation in the field of energy is an important part of bilateral, regional and global politics.

I am grateful to the NGIC to participate in the energy cooperation panels of the Caspian and Mediterranean regions because I was at an important regional and intercontinental conference that made a crucial decision for the cooperation and energy future of this region.

In December 2013, in Baku,as President of Montenegro, I participated in the conference establishing the Adriatic pipeline route from the Caspian Sea to the Mediterranean region.

This offers the wealth of gas from a source in the Caspian Sea as a chance to solve the lack of gas in this important part of the Mediterranean.

The Adriatic direction, within the Adriatic-Ionian pipeline, includes Albania, Montenegro, Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina. At at the end of this conference an agreement was signed between these four countries and Azerbaijan.

This conference established the final network of this intercontinental pipeline from the Caspian Sea to the Mediterranean.

What I emphasized at that conference in relation to Montenegro I think now. It is a significant project for Montenegro that offers the energy source that lacks. It gives a chance for important income, new jobs, but also an opportunity for Montenegro to confirm itself as an energy source hub of the Western Balkans.

This position of the energy hub of Montenegro is strongly contributed by the submarine cable for the transmission of electricity between Montenegro and Italy, which was put into operation this month. It is a valuable energy connection of the Western Balkans and Italy with a chance for significant export of electricity.

Montenegro is very interested in regional dialogue and energy integration of the Western Balkans, considering that energy stability is an important condition for overall economic stability.

The preliminary design of the Adriatic Ionian gas pipeline should be completed by September next year. Montenegro is making its maximum contribution, as it is dedicated to participating in the establishment of a regional dialogue on Mediterranean energy security.

Finally, I would like to express my satisfaction that the pipeline from the Caspian Sea to the Mediterranean - TANAP, TAP, IAP - is set up to the border with Greece, with the expectation that it will be realized with good dynamics.

Thank you for your attention. more
July 11, 2019

Former President of Montenegro Filip Vujanovic in Geneva

Former President of Montenegro participated today at the opening ceremony of the 7th Summit of Global Order of Dignitaries and Philanthropist, which is currently being held in Geneva, Switzerland, supported by the UN.

On this occasion, former President Vujanovic addressed following:

It gives me great honour to accept the invitation of Her Highness Princess Dr. Maria Amor Torres from the Philippines and to greet you at the opening ceremony of the G.O.D. – one of the flagship events of “We Care for Humanity”.

By adopting the UN 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, world leaders committed themselves to build a world of universal respect for human rights and human dignity, the rule of law, justice and equality, without any form of discrimination. A sustainable society is a tolerant society, in which every individual is enabled to live up to his/her potential and therefore to increase the potential of the society itself.

Through the joint endeavours of the UN and political and economic leaders all over the world, we need to strengthen the voice of humanism so as to offer widely acceptable, flexible and effective solutions. Being aware of the great transformative potential of the 17 sustainable development goals and 169 related targets of the UN 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, we must pay particular attention to empowering people and ensuring inclusiveness and equality. Preservation of the environment on one hand, and inclusiveness and equality on the other, can work together, remaining central on the list of sustainable development priorities.

Along with environmental deterioration, an equally important threat nowadays is related to the increase in human rights violations. According to the World Bank, the number of people living in fragile and conflict-affected situations is projected to increase to 46% of the global population by 2030. At the same time there is an unprecedented number of people that have been forcibly removed from their homes worldwide. UNHCR estimates that 65.6 million individuals were forcibly displaced at the end of 2016 as a result of persecution, conflict, violence or human rights violations. The rapidly increasing number of crises across the world is a tremendous threat that calls for our prompt action towards a sustainable future for generations to come.

Implementation of the Paris Agreement is another key challenge of mankind. As governments seek to deliver an emissionneutral economy by the middle of this century, the implications of the Paris Agreement for the future energy sector will be extraordinary in their scale and scope. Renewable energy, combined with energy efficiency, offers our best chance to avoid catastrophic climate change impacts. Clean energy solutions with a particular role for renewables must be a part of any viable solution to mitigate climate change.

The responses to the challenges of today need to lead to the development of a more solid, happy and sustainable world. Education must be at the centre of our efforts to liberate the hidden potential of humankind for transforming our reality. A green economy, environmental upgrading, poverty reduction and social inclusion, basically requires quality education policies.

The responses of my country – Montenegro – are foreseen within the implementation of the National Strategy for Sustainable Development by 2030. It represents a long-term development strategy of Montenegro which sets out solutions for the sustainable development of Montenegrin society with the aim of fully embracing the requirements set out in the 2030 UN Agenda for Sustainable Development.

With the expectation that the implementation of the UN Agenda for Sustainable Development will shape our responses to the emerging needs of today, please allow me to conclude by wishing all of us productive work towards sustainable humanitarianism. more
June 25, 2019

Former President of Montenegro in Beijing
Former President of Montenegro Filip Vujanovic participated at the High-level meeting in Beijing, organized by the Chinese People s Institute of Foreign Affairs and Nizami Ganjavi International Center from Azerbaijan. Former President take a part at the panel which was concerned with relations between China and Europe, as well as with the Mechanism of Cooperation 17+1 within the Belt and Road Initiative.

In his speech, former President Vujanovic addressed as follows:

Your Excellence
Ladies and Gentlemen

This session has two topics: Chinese -European relations and "17+1"Cooperation

First, Chinese-European Relations are often defined as the most important or greatest economic and trade relations of world. In 2018, China was the second largest EU partner for exports of goods, and the largest EU partner for imports of goods. The research showed that from 2008 to 2016 the Chinese investment in Europe had grown more than 50 times, from 840 million US dollars in 2008 to 42 billion in 2016.

In this regard when talking about European– Chinese relation I will refer to this yearÈs EU – China Summit, held in April. This Summit analyzed what was done in the last five years and what will be the future of relationship.

The leaders from both sides reaffirmed their commitment to peace, growth, reform and civilization based on the principles of mutual respect and benefit, trust and equality.

In regards to economy and trade the EU and China commit to build openness, nondiscrimination and fair competition ensuring transparency and mutual benefits.

This is very significant and gives direction to Montenegro that should be the framework of our future relation with China, in our strong willingness to boost the fruitful and productive cooperation.

Second, when talking about “17 +1” Initiative, it is important fact that such a cooperation contributes to the strategic and comprehensive partnership of EU and China.

The 17+1 Participants support the early conclusion of an ambitious EU-China Comprehensive Agreement on Investment and recognize the importance of the Belt and Road Initiative and the EU Strategy on Connecting Europe and Asia and welcome forging synergies between them.

More significant is the statement that the participants will continue to step up their cooperation with third countries to promote digital economy, efficient transport connectivity and smart, sustainable, safe and secure mobility.

The EU should not be worried that 17+1 Initiative will have negative influence on EU unity. The China – CEEC trade exchange represents only about 10% of the total EU – China exchange. ItÈs similar with investments. For example, in 2017 the 75% of Chinese investments in EU were made in three countries: The United Kingdom, Germany and France. CEE countries receive around 90% of its investments from the EU and the U.S.

In December 2018, China announced the Policy Paper on the EU. China welcomes a united, stable, open and prosperous Europe. China supports the European integration process, and remains committed to developing ties with EU institutions and member states. Regarding the 17+1 Initiative China also supported that.

Within the "17+1" Initiative general public is paying attention to the cooperation in infrastructural projects, trade and economy. I would like to put the point to the cultural, tourism, and “people – to – people” exchange.

Ladies and gentlemen,

EU – China relations will remain one of the most important relations in world of the 21 century, which will secure global peace, development and quality of life. In front of us are lots of challenges and issues to be solved for the benefit of our common prosperity. Montenegro, will strongly contribute to that.

After Greece, the member of the EU, joined the China – CEEC Cooperation, this multilateral framework received a new strong impetus. Montenegro will continue to be an active participant of “17+1” Initiative.

Thank you very much for your attention. more
June 09, 2019

Ningbo: The China and Central and South Eastern Europe Forum
Former President of Montenegro Filip Vujanovic delivered a speech today at the China and Central and South Eastern Europe Forum, in Ningbo, PR China. Forum provided participants the opportunity to promote cooperation in the investment and trade areas.

Respected participants,
Your excellences,
Ladies and gentlemen,

I express a great appreciation to our distinguished hosts in Ningbo for warm welcoming and organising this impressive gathering. I deeply respect this investment and trade Fair as a powerful contribution to advancing the cooperation between China and the countries of Central and Eastern Europa. It is a special honour to introduce Montenegro as a safe and attractive investment destination with economic parameters that show this.

Montenegro and China have the excellent relations that have been improved in recent years through the Mechanism 16+1 and "The Belt and Road " Initiative. This cooperation strongly enhances the friendship of our states and peoples.

I do appreciate the results of the recently held Eight Prime minister Čs Summit in Croatia in Dubrovnik. The 16+1 cooperation Mechanism, now strengthened by GreekČs membership.

Since the establishment of Mechanism Montenegro has been an active participant, being satisfied with the achieved especially in the field of infrastructure as the key development priority. Montenegro uses significant part of preferential credit package for infrastructure projects for improving infrastructure and accelerate economic growth.

Montenegro has started the construction the highway which will connect the Adriatic coast with Serbia and Central and West Europe. This largest infrastructure project in the history of Montenegro is realised with China Road and Bridge Corporation.

At the same time, the Montenegro Government creates the preconditions for continuing the construction of other highway sections. We are encouraging ChinaČs companies to show interest in this project through private-public partnership.

Pointing to importance of trade, I stress extraordinary potential of the Port of Bar,a significant maritime and traffic hub, with special valuable references. It could be inclusion in the harbour corridor in the Adriatic see increasing trade between Europa and Asia.

Ladies and gentlemen,

Montenegro has restored its independence for only thirteen years ago. But, independent Montenegro has achieved enormous results in the foreign policy and the development of its economy.

In the previous years we strengthened macroeconomic stability with a real growth of the economy at a rate of 4,8% with GDP and 46% of the EU average. Providing attractive conditions for foreign direct investments are achieving through competitive tax policy, equal treatment of domestic and foreign investors and convenient trade regime.

Montenegro is member of the WTO and has free trade agreements with the EU, CEFTA, EFTA, Turkey, Ukraine and Russia, allowing access to more than 800 million consumers.

That Montenegro being a safe investment destination is confirmed by investors from over 100 countries. Montenegro is one of most attractive investment destination in the Mediterranean especially in the field of tourism, real estate, energy and agriculture.

I would like to point to numerous opportunities for investing in tourism. This is duo to the significant growth prospects of this sector, whose revenues amounted to 23% of GDP domestically and MontenegroČs positioning as exclusive touristic destination.

Montenegro has significant investment expectation from the offer of acquisition of Montenegrin statehood for prominent business people investing in areas of particular importance for economic development of Montenegro. The process is extremely transparent with reliable verification of the investorČs credibility.

Ladies and gentlemen,

By respecting the importance of investment and trade for overall development I invite you to visit Montenegro convinced that we will continue our joint efforts favoring our close cooperation.

Thank you for your attention. more
June 07, 2019

Ningbo: The China and Central and South Eastern Europe Mayors Forum

As a special guest at the opening ceremony of the China and Central and South Eastern Europe Mayors Forum, former President of Montenegro Filip Vujanovic delivered following speech:

Distinguished Mayors,
Your excellences,
Ladies and gentlemen

I am honoured to be here at the Summit held in your beautiful city and thankful for the opportunity to address you. First of all, I would like to express the highest appreciation for Montenegro-China relations. Those are excellent in all fields.

Montenegro has been realizing the most important project in its history-highway from the coast to the border with Serbia and Central and West Europe. Chinese EXIM Bank is dominantly loaning and the highway is being built by China s prominent company CRBC. First and hardest part of this highway will be finished during next year.

Montenegro s state University established fruitful partnership with Confucius Institute giving excellent opportunity for cooperation in science and education.

Traditional Chinese medicine has in Podgorica, the capital of Montenegro, a very good Center for high level medical treatments.

I am glad to witness the further development of the local cooperation between China and Central and Eastern European Countries. Local cooperation is one of the key values pointed out in almost every final document, guidelines, adopted at the 16+1 Summits, from 2012 to this year. In the “Dubrovnik Guidelines” participating countries positively commented the important role played by local cooperation.

Montenegro is proud of its contributions to such development. Our Capital City of Podgorica was the host of the very successful Second 16+1 Capital Mayors Forum, held in September 2017 where was adopted the Joint Declaration.

Among other points, it has been agreed that our capital cities will contribute:

*Focus on advancing mutually beneficial cooperation in the fields of culture, tourism, education, sports, and traditional Chinese medicine;
* Further promote urban green development by adopting approaches such as improving energy efficiency and developing green tourism;
* Encourage the capitals to share experience in urban environmental management, sewage treatment, green space construction, air pollution control, public transport and other areas, so as to build a more livable city for our citizens;
* Encourage media cooperation and
* Carry on and deepen cultural dialogue.

It is important to stress out that during this significant meeting in Podgorica, the Business forum was also held, and ten cooperation agreements were signed .The signed agreements were a basis for further promotion of the investment potential in the fields of education, industrial production, processing, energy, environmental protection, transport infrastructure, tourism and agriculture.

We are dedicated towards deepening and expanding our cooperation at the local level which will bring visible results to all of our citizens. Montenegro and all our cities will continue to play an active role on this mission.

Three Montenegrin mayors from Bijelo Polje, Berane and Herceg Novi participate at this Summit in Ningbo. It shows a very high level of respect that Montenegro has for this Summit. I wish Ningbo s Summit to realize all goals with the highest achievements. more
March 15, 2019

Azerbaijan: Former President of Montenegro at the Baku Forum
Former President of Montenegro Filip Vujanovic participated at the VII Global Baku Forum organized by Nizami Ganjavi International Center from Azerbaijan. Former President Vujanovic delivered speech at the panel Western Balkan - Vision 2030:

New narrative and vision for Western Balkans could be created only if we respect geographical, historical and overall common values of this region.

First geographically, the Western Balkans, surrounded by members of the EU, is strategically important part of Europe. The Western Balkans is crossroads of the significant roads, region of extraordinary values and great resources. The Western Balkans must be part of the EU. It is a clearly proclaimed by the EU from Thessaloniki 2003, to the EU Strategy for Western Balkans by 2025, adopted last year in Sofia.

Second historically, during the last century the Western Balkans had five wars - two Balkan wars, two World Wars and war during disintegration of former Yugoslavia. All of these wars were with numerous war crimes and victims, massive emigrations and a great destruction. During the last and this century we have been spending decades for different interpretations of history and it has been always in favour of damage for present time and future.

And third, the economic and scientific potentials, as well as cultural, of the Western Balkan are enormous and unused.

On these basis the new narrative for Western Balkans is necessary and vision 2030 is clear. The narrative of the past makes distance between states and nations and among citizens, slowed down integration and development. The new narrative should relieve and secure European integration’s for Western Balkans and should affirm dialogue and mutual understanding. The new narrative should not allow for Western Balkans to be the victim or hostage of history, and must mobilize all potentials in science, all experts and creative youth, who should stay in the region and dedicate themselves to it.

Exactly this type of narrative Montenegro nourishes, from Belgrade’s agreement, which provided MontenegroČs independence, through temporary border agreement with Croatia on peninsula Prevlaka, to border agreement with Bosnia and Herzegovina and Kosovo. Montenegro has shown that the base of the compromise is in dialogue, which is a model of coexistence and future.

Montenegro will keep leadership in European integrations and, by respecting of the individual treatment, contribute to the region’s European integrations. Montenegro does not want to sacrifice its present and future for the past times. Montenegro is ready to affirm regional cooperation and the European integration using EU experts support and all its creative potential, especially respecting the interests of youth.

I will finish by expressing my satisfaction that the former presidents and prime ministers of Western Balkans,Slovenia and Croatia have decided to form a club in Podgorica, Montenegro’s capital, which will act on the bases of the New Narrative for the Western Balkans Vision 2030. As a cofounders of Podgorica club, Slovenia and Croatia, as members of the EU, are our bridge between the EU and the Western Balkans

Next month in Montenegro, the EU’s experts, scientists and academicians will give their view on relations in the area of science, research and innovations on the Western Balkans.

Believing in the New Narrative for the Western Balkans Vision 2030 I am expressing to you my highest respect.

Thank you for your attention. more
February 06, 2019

Turkey: Former President of Montenegro at the Summit in Istanbul

Former President of Montenegro Filip Vujanovic participated at the opening ceremony of the 22nd Eurasian Economic Summit, in Istanbul, Turkey. The summit is organized by Marmara Foundation from Turkey. On this occasion, former President addressed following:

Your Excellencies,
Ladies and Gentlemen,

Mankind has values that are permanent and irreplaceable. Due to this globalisation is necessary and without alternative. These values are peace, stability, prosperity and health. Peace is opposite of war, stability is opposite of instability, prosperity is opposite of stagnation and health is opposite of disease and death. These values demand global conduct, adjustment and new dimensions.

States cannot protect these values alone. Regional actions are not enough either. Thus global actions are the condition and guaranty to permanency and stability of these values.

The United Nations is dedicated to global peace and stability. The World Trade Organization is devoted to the global values of trade within international community and the World Health Organization has the global mission to protect and improve health of all citizens in the world.

The United Nations is necessary because wars are evil that international community could fight against only globally. The Ward War II, with its millions victims, massive destruction and common tragedy, makes The United Nations necessary. However, the dedication to the sustainable development, migrations and the prevention of negative consequences of climate changes enhance the new dimensions of global activities within the United Nations. This is important because sustainable development, the difficult and painful problems of migrants as well as negative consequences of climate changes are duties that require continuous adjustment and new dimensions of global activities.

Geographic, demographic, economic and many others reasons make regional connections necessary and important. The connections in all domains, including economics and trade, will always have special values and significance. However, international economic and trade community is not the summation of regions. Thus, global organizations are irreplaceable, especially the Ward Trade Organization. Evidently, they have to be in line with real circumstances and with the global actions with new dimensions.

Globalization does not have alternative. It is necessary to explore existing possibilities and new dimensions. Each state should be a responsible and reliable member of international organizations and that is the precondition to success of these organizations.

At the end, I would like to address the message that has everlasting value. It is our duty to be responsible, reliable and creative members of international organizations. more
November 16, 2017

Bonn: President Vujanović at the annual UN Conference on Climate Change
President of Montenegro Filip Vujanović held speech at the annual UN Conference on Climate Change held in Bonn, Germany.

Please find below the address by the President Vujanović at COP23:

Dear President,
Ladies and gentlemen,

Extreme climate change, which has been affecting the quality of life continuously and globally, has gathered humanity to act jointly. Montenegro has joined this action resolutely and unreservedly. It contributed to the creation of the Paris Agreement, signed it in the UN Headquarters and ratified it in its Parliament. Montenegro thus accepted the commitment to reduce greenhouse gas emission by 30% by 2030 compared to 1990.

Montenegro responsibly fulfils its obligations under the Paris Agreement and devotedly prepares the Third National Report on Climate Change and the Second Biennial Report on Climate Change under the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change. A National System for monitoring, reporting and verification of the greenhouse gas emissions is being established. A Law on Climate Protection is under preparation.

Special attention has been attached to informing public about climate change and as of next year it will become a subject to be taught at schools in Montenegro. We actively prepare a National Plan on Climate Change Adaptation and a Strategy on Law Carbon Development. Full inter-sector cooperation among sustainable development, energy sector, transportation, agriculture and forestry has been established.

In the framework of the National Council for Sustainable Development and Climate Change, a Task Force for Climate Change has been established, which includes eminent national experts. This Task Force analyzes the realization of our Nationally Determined Contribution. Montenegro responsibly implements important measures in the fields of energy efficiency, renewable energy sources, transportation and industry.

We are confident that the Parties to the Paris Agreement will improve their Nationally Determined Contributions to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. We must invest our efforts to limit the temperature increase to 1,5 C on our Planet. We call for establishing climate resilient societies and low carbon economies.

Ladies and gentlemen,

Montenegro is a country in the South East Europe and the Western Balkan region, which is very sensitive to the climate change impact. Over the last decade, extreme weather conditions in Montenegro have been more evident, and estimated damage is a few dozen million Euros.

We call for further global financial funds and stronger involvement of private sector in mitigating activities in order to ensure a stable and long-term support in the transformation process towards a low carbon and climate resilient society.

Montenegro calls for a stronger cooperation among countries regarding transfer of know-how and technology.

Paris Agreement has a historic value for the protection of the quality of life on our Planet and provides a strong foundation for a needed joint action. I am confident that the Conference in Bonn will create new mechanisms for further improvement and full execution of the Paris Agreement.

Ladies and gentlemen,

Only by meeting global climate goal and other sustainable development goals can we establish a life in harmony with nature, as a basis for progress and wellbeing of future generations.

Montenegro fully supports the success of the 23rd Conference of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change.

Thank you for your attention. more
September 21, 2017

Address by HE Mr. Filip Vujanović at the 72nd Session of the United Nations General Assembly
President of Montenegro Filip Vujanović delivered speech at the 72nd Session of the United Nations General Assembly.

The full speach below:

Dear President,
Distinguished Heads of State and Government,
Dear Heads of delegation,
Ladies and gentlemen,

It is my pleasure to address you at the 72nd Session of the General Assembly and reiterate a strong commitment of Montenegro to the values of the United Nations.

As one of the newest members of the United Nations, Montenegro actively contributes to maintaining peace and security in the region. Good neighbourly relations and regional cooperation are on the top our foreign policy agenda. We are strongly committed to multilateral cooperation and affirmation of the international organizations that contribute to the peace and stability. It is of great importance for Montenegro that it became the 29th member of the North Atlantic Alliance.

As a member of the Alliance, we will continue to improve its cooperation and partnership with the UN peace-keeping missions and regional organizations dedicated to establishing and maintaining the peace and stability. At the same time, Montenegro has proved to be a reliable partner of the European Union. Accession negotiations have already ensured significant economic benefits.

International community is faced with the complex challenges such as long-term conflicts, terrorism and violent extremism, refugee crises, systematic violation of human rights, poverty. The United Nations, which are established to prevent war and human suffering, should make more rapid adjustments to respond to these challenges and adopt new mechanisms to prevent conflicts and resolve long-term crisis.

The United Nations and international as well as regional economic organizations have new responsibilities. Peace, stability, achieving sustainable and inclusive growth and improvement of international economic relations are the basic elements for achieving the goals set in the 2030 Agenda. Therefore, it is highly important to carry out a successful implementation of the reform process of the United Nations and its affiliations -IMF and World Bank- for achieving a more equitable economic growth- poverty eradication, womenÈs economic empowerment and bridging the technological gap between countries and regions.

Montenegro remains dedicated to the UN efforts in implementation of the ambitious reform agenda, including the strengthening of the role of the General Assembly an enlargement of the Security Council according to the principles of equitable regional representation. Successful cooperation between Montenegro and the UN system continues in the framework of the program "Acting as One". Positive results of this program are visible and recognized by many UN member states.

Montenegro is a part of the region whose experience has shown that dialogue and cooperation are possible and that they are the only way to overcome the differences and achieve peace and lasting solutions. Therefore, we will organize, early next year, a regional conference, in order to share our experience and help in defining new mechanisms for conflict prevention and resolution.

Efforts aimed at prevention of terrorism must be focused on its causes. It is a particular responsibility of the countries from which the terrorist threats origin, but the international community should also offer necessary help. Therefore, we highly appreciate establishing of the Office of Counter-Terrorism at the initiative of the Secretary-General, which will enable a strong leadership and connection between the UN and its members in preventing conflicts and terrorism.

Montenegro unequivocally supports the efforts aimed at non-proliferation of nuclear weapons. The Non-Proliferation Treaty is a foundation for improvement of the global stability. Montenegro has defined its national framework by adopting the Strategy on Non-proliferation of Weapons of Mass Destruction (2016-2020) and the Action Plan for its implementation.

Montenegro strongly condemns nuclear weapons tests conducted by North Korea as an act that violates international obligations determined by the Security Council resolutions and poses a serious threat to global peace and security. We support diplomatic efforts aimed at calming down current situation and call on North Korea to fully respect its international obligations.

Highly important multilateral agreements that have been adopted confirm that multilateralism is crucial and essential for achieving peace, inclusive sustainable growth and respect for the human rights. The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, the Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction and Paris Climate Agreement represent a universal platform for the transformation and progress. Therefore, for their full implementation, it is neccessary to ensure the utmost commitment of all member states and considerable financial resources.

Montenegro has strongly supported the negotiations on new international accord on climate changes. Paris Agreement on Climate Changes is a foundation for further efforts in preserving a long-term stability of the climate system. I had a pleasure and honour to participate on behalf of Montenegro in the historic summit in Paris, when this agreement was adopted and, later, to take part in its signing ceremony in the UN headquarters. In the efforts to mitigate the climate changes, Montenegro financially contributes to the Trust Fund of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Changes.

Respect for human rights is a precondition for peace, stability and development. Full implementation of the international standards and norms relating to promotion and protection of human rights is the obligation of each country. Being committed to the multilateral system of protection and promotion of human rights, particularly the most vulnerable groups, we attach special importance to the poverty eradication and fight against discrimination. We attach special attention to: strengthening the position and role of women in society and prevention of violence against women; child protection and development; fight against discrimination of LGBTI population and persons with disabilities. We especially appreciate the joint initiative of the European Union and the United Nations for eliminating of all forms of violence against women and girls as well as launching the Global Alliance to end trade in tools of torture and capital punishment.

I am certain that improvement of human rights protection and respect recommends Montenegro for a candidate for membership to the Human Rights Council 2022-2024. This was also confirmed by the High Commissioner for Human Rights who said that Montenegro was one of the 33 UN members that sent regular reports on the implementation of the international agreements concerning human rights.

Attaching special importance to creating key documents on refugees and migrants, we point out to the necessity of a comprehensive approach, taking into account developing, humanitarian and security dimension as well as human rights dimension. We are ready, in cooperation with the UNHCR and based on our experience, to make a concrete contribution to drafting two global compacts.

Enormous needs for offering humanitarian assistance to the civilians in conflicts and natural disasters oblige the United Nations to reinforce mechanisms for humanitarian aid. Montenegro has actively participated in the first World Humanitarian Summit last year. This Summit confirmed the necessity of an efficient coordination of the international humanitarian assistance. Therefore, Montenegro has invested significant efforts this year to ensure appropriate legislative and strategic framework for planning and implementation of control and financing of the international development cooperation and humanitarian assistance.

Mr. President, Ladies and gentlemen,

Finally, allow me to extend congratulations, in my own name and on behalf of Montenegro, to Mr. Miroslav Lajčak on his election as the President of the 72nd Session of the General Assembly, whose persistent commitment to dialogue and cooperation unequivocally confirms that he will be very successful in this high office.

I would also like to express high appreciation to the former President, Mr. Peter Thomson, for the achievements in his work related to the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

I avail myself of this opportunity to reiterate my most sincere congratulations to the new Secretary-General, Mr. Antonio Guterres. I am convinced that his rich professional experience, leadership and commitment will contribute to the work and results of the United Nations in times of complex challenges that the world faces today. I also express my sincere gratitude to the former UN Secretary-General Mr. Ban Ki-moon for his overall contribution to achieving goals and values of the United Nations and his support for Montenegro.

I wish a successful 72nd session of the UN General Assembly.

Thank you for your attention. more
July 12, 2017

Cetinje: Statehood Day of Montenegro
On the occasion of the 13th July, Statehood Day of Montenegro, President of Montenegro Filip Vujanović hosted reception in the Blue Palace in Cetinje.

Representatives from the political, scientific, cultural, commercial and sports field and former high state officials of Montenegro attended the reception, including representatives of the foreign diplomatic missions and high officials of the international organizations and institutions.

The President delivered the speech at the reception as follows:

Dear citizens of Montenegro,
Dear citizens of the Old Royal Capital Cetinje,
Distinguished state and local officials,
Your excellencies,
Ladies and gentlemen,

Among many historically remarkable years of Montenegro, this year will, proudly, have its notable place. In the country, which has been recognized by its centuries long battle for freedom and independence, years of achieving such aspirations are to be celebrated as everlasting values. In order to prevent history repeating itself, and to avoid permanent fight for freedom and independence, Montenegro has to have an alliance that will be a guarantee of the stability and eternity.

Montenegro has obtained that Alliance this year by its membership to NATO. The Alliance that is in the interest of all its citizens and in favor of stability and peace. The Alliance that is not against anyone, that does not forget either tradition or friends, that is focused on future, without risk of repeating dark pages of history. In the Balkans, lessons from the past are very hard to learn, and tragic mistakes are repeated, unfortunately, with more severe consequences. Therefore, and unfortunately as well, the Balkans need an ally to be protected from itself and that permanent stability is ensured. Along with the protection that comes with the Alliance, it is equally important that such Alliance ensures better economy and closer ties with the countries whose values we share and that we are mutually proud of.

It is the will of the destiny that this yearÈs integration goal has been achieved in the period when we mark the 120th anniversary of the participation of our army in global peacekeeping missions. In one such mission, which was an archetype of "Blue Helmets", by which human solidarity is recognized, the army of the Principality of Montenegro took part. That January 1897, in the Obilić field, our Prince Nikola addressed 70 soldiers, eight noncommissioned officers and two officers, sending the message: "Heroes! Great European powers honored me to send one unit of my Montenegrins to join the international army in Crete, because they are convinced that Montenegrins will fulfill their duty as it befits them - honorably and heroically."

Twelve decades ago, our Prince and later our King, knew that helping those in need was a matter of honor. He knew that joining international army was an honorable commitment. That such commitment should be fulfilled honestly and bravely. Honestly because it is imperative ethical vertical of this region and bravely because without bravery there would be no freedom or state. There would be no Montenegro.

Ladies and gentlemen,

Now when we have eternal state and eternal freedom, honor, honesty and heroism require our unity. They require that we should turn to each other in cherishing our multi-national and multi-confessional country and preciousness of our minorities. We have many close ties, but we are the closest to each other. Only united and collected can we build a better future for Montenegro in peace and harmony.

May God save Montenegro.
May harmony and peace be with everyone.
May Montenegro be eternal. more
June 07, 2017

Brussels: Montenegro 29th NATO member country
President of Montenegro Filip Vujanović delivered the speech today at the NATO Headquarters at the Flag-Rising Ceremony marking MontenegroÈs accession to NATO.

Former Prime Minister of Montenegro Milo Đukanović as well as current and former Ministers of Foreign Affairs and Ministers of Defense attended the ceremony as members of the official delegation.

The address by the President of Montenegro:

Mr. Secretary General,
Excellences, Ladies and

It is indeed an extraordinary honor and pleasure to be celebrating the most important milestone today, the greatest success for Montenegro since it regained independence. A long-waited and well-deserved day. I believe that 7 June will also be remembered as an important day for the Alliance. Eight years since the last enlargement, Alliance now has a new member.

The flag of Montenegro will now proudly stand in front of NATO as a symbol of secure and prosperous future of Montenegro, which now fully belongs to the Euro Atlantic family of nations. Today everything is about the future, a future that now looks brighter for Montenegro. I will therefore mention history on this occasion just to say that this is truly a historic day for Montenegro.

Ever since 2006, when Montenegro returned to the map of Europe, we have worked steadily toward this goal. There were many challenges, difficult and sometimes painful decisions and reforms. Hard work and commitment are always adequately valued. We have overcome many obstacles, and in this process, we have become a better country. Rest assured, we will continue to work to improve ourselves even more. This is not the end, but a beginning of new Montenegro. A country that will continue to strive to be better and further its path towards EU integration for a better society and prosperity for its people. A country that will be more secure and safe, with a new chance to realize its potentials for the benefit of its citizens, with more opportunities for economic growth. A country that will continue to be a credible friend, constructive neighbor, a good example in difficult environment that brings more stability to our region. A country that will contribute to the best of its capacities and abilities to address the challenges Alliance, Europe and the world are facing today.

An ally you can count on. An ally that counts on you.

The importance of this day is momentous not just for us but for our region too. Another country of the Western Balkans and South East Europe is joining the greatest military Alliance in the world, thus contributing to peace and stability on the south of Europe. With Montenegro in NATO the Northern Mediterranean coast from Turkey to Portugal is part of the Euro Atlantic community. One of the most successful and transformational NATO policies - the open door policy is being reconfirmed today. This vividly sends a strong message that the perspective of membership is alive and that hard work is rewarded.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

We wouldnÈt be here today without tireless efforts of hundreds of people in all spheres of our society that worked together and believed together in our NATO future. Today with us here are former Prime Minister Milo Đukanović and current and former Ministers of Foreign Affairs and Ministers of Defense, so I take this opportunity to express my respect and appreciation to them.

But we also wouldnÈt be here without you. I want to express the gratitude of Montenegro for the help and support we have received from our friends and allies. I want to thank NATO and the Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg for his continuous and strong support, advice and friendship, which reflects his vision and knowledge he has about the region and importance of NATO open door policy. I want to thank the member countries from the region that have seen our success as their own: Slovenia, as our contact country for four years, was a great support on our road, but also Croatia and Albania. Our special gratitude goes to Hungary too, the last contact point country for Montenegro.

I would also like to thank all other NATO countries, which have been great supporters and provided us with expertize, knowledge, assistance and advice, even criticism when needed, be it here or back home, within the mission in Afghanistan, in building our defense and security sector or strengthening our political system and rule of law. I want particularly to thank all the NATO members for the efficient ratification of the Protocol on Montenegro’s accession.

We share our success with you, as we are happy to share this great day with all of you.

Dear friends,

The new era for Montenegro begins today. Montenegro will be a responsible Ally, who will uphold, promote and protect the values of the Euro Atlantic community to which it rightfully belongs. Back in December 2015 when we got the invitation we stated that was a beginning of a true friendship. Today, we are at beginning of a valued alliance, based on strength, solidarity and unity.

With our flag forever in front of the NATO, may Montenegro be eternal.

Thank you! more
November 03, 2014

Austria: President Vujanović at the Conference in the UN Headquarters in Vienna
At the invitation of UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon, President of Montenegro Filip Vujanović participated at the Second UN Conference on Landlocked Developing Countries, which was held in the UN Headquarters in Vienna.

President Vujanović was a keynote speaker at the main panel of the Conference, together with the UN Secretary General, Ban Ki-moon, UNDP Chief Administrator, Helen Clark, President of Georgia, Giorgi Margvelashvili and Minister for International Development Cooperation of Sweden, Isabella Lovin.

The address of the President as follows:

Dear UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon,
Dear representatives of the UN member states,
Dear hosts, representatives of the Austrian Government,
Ladies and Gentlemen,

I am honoured to address you on behalf of Montenegro and confirm that Montenegro joins the efforts of the United Nations and Secretary-General in solving special needs of the developing and least developed countries. Economic growth of these countries has significantly been limited due to their distance from the world market. As a transit and geographically small country, Montenegro sends a clear message from this Conference: the need for mobilization of additional international support for the landlocked developing countries as well as renewal of partnership with international financial and development institutions for these countries. This is crucial for full implementation of the basic document for the work of this Conference - Almaty Programme of Action.

After ten years, we can be sure that development of infrastructure and connection, integration of transport systems, especially railway system, together with fostering legal basis for cooperation with transit countries, are prerequisites for economic progress of the landlocked developing countries. The role of the United Nations in this context is important, especially when it comes to better coordination of technical and financial assistance, primarily financial institutions - UN affiliations- World Bank, IFC and major donors, as well as ensuring concessional credits. more
October 17, 2014

Geneva: President of Montenegro at the Crans Montana Forum
President of Montenegro Filip Vujanović took part in the panel "Securing a long-term stability in the South Eastern Europe", which was held today in the framework of the Crans Montana Forum dedicated to "Homeland and Global Security" in Geneva.

The address of the President Vujanović as follows:

Distinguished Presidents and participants of the Forum,
Dear Ambassador Carteron,
Ladies and Gentlemen,

I would like to express my appreciation to the Ambassador Jean Paul Carteron for dedicating special session to the stability in the South East Europe in the framework of this Forum. Geneva and Switzerland are, indeed, inspirational for discussion on this topic, as their history proved that long-term peace and coexistence of different nations is not an utopia, but a feasible reality.

When analyzing stability of the South East Europe, we must always have in mind that we talk about the region where extensive war conflicts took place in the last century, including both World Wars. The Balkan wars preceded the World War I. The First World War, the centenary of which has been marked this year, started in the Balkan region. The Second World War caused huge loss of lives and devastation in the South East Europe. Only 45 years after its end, new tragic conflict took place in the Balkans, so that the end of the last and beginning of this century would be remembered by victims and devastation as a result of breakup of former Yugoslavia. more


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