June 09, 2022

Former President of Montenegro participated in the 25th Eurasian Economic Summit
Former President of Montenegro Filip Vujanovic participated in the 25th Eurasian Economic Summit in Istanbul, organized by the Marmara Foundation. On the panel dedicated to the challenges regarding the supply chain, climate changes, and involuntary migration after the Covid-19 pandemic and the Ukraine - Russia war, former Montenegrin president addressed following:

Distinguished Dr. Suver,
Your Excellences,
Ladies and Gentlemen,
Dear Friends,

I want to use this opportunity to express my highest appreciation to Dr. Akkan Suver and the Marmara Foundation and congratulate them on the organization of the 25th Eurasian Economic Summit. With its tradition and successes, these summits have gained high respect.

I also respect your dedication to overcoming the challenges facing the Covid19 pandemic. Unfortunately, millions lost the battle against the virus, and it seems like the pandemic will have long-term negative consequences.

This summit is an opportunity to exchange opinions on reducing the consequences of humanitarian catastrophes with effective and sustainable joint efforts. After years of virtual meetings, we are finally back to the classic conferences and with optimism regarding future common activities.

Our primary task is to reiterate the appeal to political leaders around the globe to work together in overcoming all challenges and solving crises to the benefit of humanity. To send a message that there are no winners in wars and that peace is the only lasting guarantee of stability and prosperity for humankind. To express our expectation that the war in Ukraine and clashes all around the globe will end and all open issues will be solved by dialogue.

Previous dialogues were mainly the floor for discussing different modalities of strengthening economic cooperation as an essential precondition of prosperity. Though, peace is a precondition of good economic cooperation. The war in
Ukraine has deepened the crisis in Europe caused by the Covid19 pandemic. So nowadays, along with the health crisis, we also have war and economic crises in Europe.

The war in Ukraine has shown that the attempts for domination of big over smaller peoples never stopped. It showed the weaknesses of existing mechanisms of cooperation in solving crises peacefully. It showed that Europe must be united in shared values. That democratic legacy must never again be a hostage to the particular economic interest of some countries. That we shall, again and again, fight for peace.

The cornerstones upon which we have been building our society in the last 70 years were solidarity, mutual respect, the right to self-determination, respect for differences, equality, understanding, and tolerance. It is the right time to back to these initial values that enabled us prosperity and substantial economic progress. The only way to strengthen these values is by working together through multilateral and regional organizations.

For many years we have had a continuous debate on the necessity of the United Nations reform. We have to support that debate, encourage it, and consider concrete ideas responsibly. By doing so, we will stop ungrounded critiques toward multilateralism, a precious value of humanity. These critiques often have as a goal fulfillment of particular interests and crumbling of global order.

Undoubtedly, multilateralism has shown some weaknesses in solving global crises, but thanks to its values, we did not have a repeat of horrors from two world wars, which are always there to warn and oblige humankind.

In the end, I want to express hope that we will together continue to strengthen and support the regional and global initiatives and encourage once more all the activities in redefining multilateral cooperation. Multilateralism must prevail not only for a safer present but also for humanity»s better and sustainable future. The Covid19 pandemic and wars oblige us to it.

Thank you for your attention!

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