November 26, 2021

Former President Filip Vujanović at 2nd International Conference on Belt and Road Green Development
Former President of Montenegro Filip Vujanovic participated in the 2nd International Conference on Belt and Road Green Development, organized by the China International Cultural Exchange Center (CICEC) and the National Academy on Development and Strategy of the Renmin University of China. In his remarks, former President Vujanovic expressed the following:

Decades of climate change are undoubtedly a serious global threat to the health and quality of life of all humanity. Therefore, the obligation to ensure a healthy environment and green development is an important responsibility of every country, all the regions, and the entire international community.

Values of multilateralism in protecting and improving the environment confirm its importance and show that multilateral cooperation is necessary and irreplaceable.

Montenegro has shown a responsible attitude in environmental protection in the consistent application of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change and the Paris Agreement. Montenegro actively participated in the creation of the Paris Agreement, immediately ratified it, and, based on the highest environmental standards, adopted the Law on Protection against the Negative Impacts of Climate Change.

The law sets out the obligation to adopt a Low Emission Development Strategy for the next 30 years and an action plan for its implementation, determined every two years.

Montenegro has shown its full readiness for regional action in environmental protection by participating in the initiatives of Southeast Europe and the Mediterranean and accepting the Declaration on the Green Agenda of the Western Balkans as the framework of cooperation between the countries of the Western Balkans and the EU.

Thus, Montenegro has expressed its readiness for full regional cooperation and regional supervision over the implementation of environmental protection measures. In this way, the constitutional commitment of Montenegro to be an ecological state is confirmed.

In its activities in the UN, Montenegro will be committed to multilateralism, considering that protection against climate change is an essential confirmation of it.

I express great appreciation to the PeopleČs Republic of China and its President Xi Jinping for his overall commitment to global protection and the improvement of the environment.
In that sense, I emphasize the special importance of the recently adopted Glasgow Declaration on the joint commitment of the PeopleČs Republic of China and the United States to implement the Paris Agreement and protect the environment.

I see the Second International Conference on "Belt and Road" Green Development as a confirmation of this commitment of the PeopleČs Republic of China, and I wish it a success.

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