February 06, 2020

Seoul: Former President of Montenegro Filip Vujanović at the World Summit 2020
Former President of Montenegro Filip Vujanovic participates in the "World Summit 2020 – interdependence, mutual prosperity and universal Values", currently held in Seoul, South Korea. The World Peace Federation (UPF), an international non-governmental organization with a general consultative status with the UN’s Economic and Social Council, is an organizer of the summit. The UPF is a great contributor to solving open inter-state, inter-ethnic, and interreligious issues through its activities and appreciation of universal values of peace and dialogue.

Former President Vujanovic participated in the consultations dedicated to the Western Balkan, mainly focusing on the Balkan Peace Initiative, an initiative initiated and supported by the UPF. Other than former President of Montenegro, the participants on this event moderated by former US Ambassador Cristopher Hill were UPF’s Char for Europe and Middle East Dr. Katsumi Otsuka, former President of Albania Alfred Moisiu and former Prime Minister of Albania Vilson Ahmeti, former Secretary-General of NATO Anders Rasmussen, former Prime Minister of Sweden Carl Bildt, president of Forum for Strategic Studies and former MP in Serbian National Assembly Neven Cvetičanin, and president of Institut Prospective & Sécurité en Europe (IPSE) Emmanuel Dupuy.

Former Montenegrin President expressed his gratitude towards UPF and its initiative, which has mainly focused on promoting the importance of peace in the Western Balkan. He made a brief retrospective of wars on the Balkan peninsula from the 20th century, reminding of the consequences of two Balkan wars, two world wars, and the war caused a disintegration of former Yugoslavia, reiterating the constructive role of Montenegro in these processes. Former President Vujanovic emphasized that the Euro-Atlantic integration and further cooperation within and with NATO is the best sustainable way towards long-lasting peace. On this line, he reminded that Montenegro, Albania, and North Macedonia are NATO members, Kosovo wants this membership, and Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina participates in the NATO program Partnership for Peace. Former President Vujanovic concluded that all the stakeholders participating in defining Western Balkan’s future should express mutual respect, embrace the diversities and different opinions, and use open dialogue as an essential instrument for realizing mutual goals.

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