January 22, 2020

Athens: High-Level Meeting on Climate Change Impact
Former President of Montenegro Mr. Filip Vujaniovic participated at the XX High-Level Meeting co-organized by the Nizami Ganjavi International Center and Marianna V. Vardinoyannis Foundation, under the headline "Climate Change: its impact on the life and the cultural heritage of the Mediterranean". The meeting was held in Athens from 20 to 23 January 2020. On this occasion Mr. Vujanovic took a part in the panel discussion on topic "2030: Challenges and Opportunities of the Coming Decade: Paradigm Shift in Politics, Business and Society", and addressed following:

The challenges and opportunities of the coming decade will be the same as in the previous decades.There will surely be challenges and obligations to preserve globalism against anti-globalism that has never harmless.

Experience has shown that it will remain dangerous, which additionally and strongly mobilizes all countries to affirm the value of globalism.

Historically, the strongest and most successful response to anti-globalism was the formation of the United Nations, which was necessary to prevent the tragic consequences of the World War II from happening again.

That is why the UNČs primary mission is to maintain international peace and stability, but also to promote and protect human rights, strengthen social and economic development, protect the environment, and provide humanitarian assistance in natural disasters.

Ever since the UN dominated globalism, its mission was fulfilled.

However, the mission was threatened when the interests of the individual states, especially the wealthiest and most powerful, began to dominate.

This shows that globalization is often threatened and that its protection is a permanent obligation.

If one considers the UN’s success in projects over the past decades, such as the Millennium Goals, the UN 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and the Paris Agreement on Climate Change, then it must be stated that globalization and the UN mission have no alternative.

It should also be noted that the past decade has witnessed antiglobal policies and aspirations. It has testified to putting the interests of oneČs own country first, while jeopardizing global interests and goals.

The announcement that the global achievements of the UN are being abandoned, such as climate agreement, is an example of anti-globalization. It is a very dangerous example because it jeopardises one of the most important global needs – the protection of people’s health.

Therefore, it is the duty of all leaders, with greater or lesser influence, of the civil organizations operating nationally, regionally and globally, as well as the media communities, to promote and protect globalism.Montenegro has a particular interest to be active partner in the prevention of a climate change.At the same time Montenegro will be reliably partner in all global activities showing that Montenegro is responsible member of all international organisations.

Of course, the previous decade has had successful national and regional policies that were filled with universal value, humanity and solidarity.

Their countries should be proud and valued as an example to follow.

The promotion and protection of globalism does not mean that the UN should not be reformed.

On the contrary. The reform of the UN must take place as soon as possible in order to provide for the stronger and more influential UN.

On the other hand, globalism should also be promoted through the missions of other global organizations.

Globally, trade is best protected through the genuine and effective functions of the World Trade Organization.

Also, there is no better way to protect the health of the people, than by activities of the World Health Organization.

All other global organizations, with their own success, bring the common good to humankind.

I am convinced that our XX High Level Meeting will promote the values of globalization and strongly point out the dangers of anti-globalization.

Therefore, this meeting has a special value and commits itself to respecting those who support it.

Thank you for your attention

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