November 27, 2019

Rome: Former President of Montenegro Filip Vujanovic is paying visit to Italy

Former President of Montenegro is currently paying two-day visit to Italy, alongside Nizami Ganjavi International Center. On this occasion NGIC, whose Board member is former President Vujanovic, has organized High-Level Meeting in the Senate of the Republic of Italy. On the panel which was concerned with challenges of Caspian and Mediterranean region, former President Vujanovic addressed following:

Dear moderator and panelists,
Your Excellencies,
Ladies and gentlemen,

I am grateful to the NGIC for organising this panel and for the opportunity to participate in it.

Ownership and quality of energy is a condition of economic stability, the basis of economic development and a guarantee of quality of life for construction. Since regions and countries have different energy situations, cooperation in this field is of utmost importance and represents a regional and global obligation.

The quality of this cooperation largely depends on the quality of life. Energy development implies dialogue, agreement and cooperation.

Energy development excludes disrespect for the other and the use of force. Therefore, energy cooperation is a proof of responsibility to the present and concern for the future.

Cooperation in the field of energy is an important part of bilateral, regional and global politics.

I am grateful to the NGIC to participate in the energy cooperation panels of the Caspian and Mediterranean regions because I was at an important regional and intercontinental conference that made a crucial decision for the cooperation and energy future of this region.

In December 2013, in Baku,as President of Montenegro, I participated in the conference establishing the Adriatic pipeline route from the Caspian Sea to the Mediterranean region.

This offers the wealth of gas from a source in the Caspian Sea as a chance to solve the lack of gas in this important part of the Mediterranean.

The Adriatic direction, within the Adriatic-Ionian pipeline, includes Albania, Montenegro, Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina. At at the end of this conference an agreement was signed between these four countries and Azerbaijan.

This conference established the final network of this intercontinental pipeline from the Caspian Sea to the Mediterranean.

What I emphasized at that conference in relation to Montenegro I think now. It is a significant project for Montenegro that offers the energy source that lacks. It gives a chance for important income, new jobs, but also an opportunity for Montenegro to confirm itself as an energy source hub of the Western Balkans.

This position of the energy hub of Montenegro is strongly contributed by the submarine cable for the transmission of electricity between Montenegro and Italy, which was put into operation this month. It is a valuable energy connection of the Western Balkans and Italy with a chance for significant export of electricity.

Montenegro is very interested in regional dialogue and energy integration of the Western Balkans, considering that energy stability is an important condition for overall economic stability.

The preliminary design of the Adriatic Ionian gas pipeline should be completed by September next year. Montenegro is making its maximum contribution, as it is dedicated to participating in the establishment of a regional dialogue on Mediterranean energy security.

Finally, I would like to express my satisfaction that the pipeline from the Caspian Sea to the Mediterranean - TANAP, TAP, IAP - is set up to the border with Greece, with the expectation that it will be realized with good dynamics.

Thank you for your attention.

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