June 09, 2019

Ningbo: The China and Central and South Eastern Europe Forum
Former President of Montenegro Filip Vujanovic delivered a speech today at the China and Central and South Eastern Europe Forum, in Ningbo, PR China. Forum provided participants the opportunity to promote cooperation in the investment and trade areas.

Respected participants,
Your excellences,
Ladies and gentlemen,

I express a great appreciation to our distinguished hosts in Ningbo for warm welcoming and organising this impressive gathering. I deeply respect this investment and trade Fair as a powerful contribution to advancing the cooperation between China and the countries of Central and Eastern Europa. It is a special honour to introduce Montenegro as a safe and attractive investment destination with economic parameters that show this.

Montenegro and China have the excellent relations that have been improved in recent years through the Mechanism 16+1 and "The Belt and Road " Initiative. This cooperation strongly enhances the friendship of our states and peoples.

I do appreciate the results of the recently held Eight Prime minister Čs Summit in Croatia in Dubrovnik. The 16+1 cooperation Mechanism, now strengthened by GreekČs membership.

Since the establishment of Mechanism Montenegro has been an active participant, being satisfied with the achieved especially in the field of infrastructure as the key development priority. Montenegro uses significant part of preferential credit package for infrastructure projects for improving infrastructure and accelerate economic growth.

Montenegro has started the construction the highway which will connect the Adriatic coast with Serbia and Central and West Europe. This largest infrastructure project in the history of Montenegro is realised with China Road and Bridge Corporation.

At the same time, the Montenegro Government creates the preconditions for continuing the construction of other highway sections. We are encouraging ChinaČs companies to show interest in this project through private-public partnership.

Pointing to importance of trade, I stress extraordinary potential of the Port of Bar,a significant maritime and traffic hub, with special valuable references. It could be inclusion in the harbour corridor in the Adriatic see increasing trade between Europa and Asia.

Ladies and gentlemen,

Montenegro has restored its independence for only thirteen years ago. But, independent Montenegro has achieved enormous results in the foreign policy and the development of its economy.

In the previous years we strengthened macroeconomic stability with a real growth of the economy at a rate of 4,8% with GDP and 46% of the EU average. Providing attractive conditions for foreign direct investments are achieving through competitive tax policy, equal treatment of domestic and foreign investors and convenient trade regime.

Montenegro is member of the WTO and has free trade agreements with the EU, CEFTA, EFTA, Turkey, Ukraine and Russia, allowing access to more than 800 million consumers.

That Montenegro being a safe investment destination is confirmed by investors from over 100 countries. Montenegro is one of most attractive investment destination in the Mediterranean especially in the field of tourism, real estate, energy and agriculture.

I would like to point to numerous opportunities for investing in tourism. This is duo to the significant growth prospects of this sector, whose revenues amounted to 23% of GDP domestically and MontenegroČs positioning as exclusive touristic destination.

Montenegro has significant investment expectation from the offer of acquisition of Montenegrin statehood for prominent business people investing in areas of particular importance for economic development of Montenegro. The process is extremely transparent with reliable verification of the investorČs credibility.

Ladies and gentlemen,

By respecting the importance of investment and trade for overall development I invite you to visit Montenegro convinced that we will continue our joint efforts favoring our close cooperation.

Thank you for your attention.

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