September 24, 2014

New York: President of Montenegro in a Session of the United Nations General Assembly
The following is the speech by President Vujanović:

Distinguished Presidency,
Your Excellencies,
Ladies and Gentlemen,

First of all, I wish to express my high appreciation for the Secretary General of the UN, Ban Ki-moon’s efforts in promoting and achieving peace, security and prosperity in the world.

Allow me, then, to extend due acknowledgement to the President of the previous session of the General Assembly of the UN, Mr. John William Ashe for his achievements and to express the best wishes to Mr. Sam Kutesa, President of the 69th Session of the General Assembly of the UN, and confirm MontenegroČs readiness to full cooperation aimed at his successful performance of this high duty.

Also, I wish to emphasize the relevance of the topic selected for the current Session, as the approaching of 2015 makes it very important and relevant in terms of meeting the Millennium Development Goals.

Alike so far, Montenegro remains committed to an effective multilateral system, resting on the strong United Nations. Therefore Montenegro, as a responsible partner of the UN, continuously contributes to strengthening of the United Nations and building of an integrated functional system that enables respect for human rights, promotion of democracy and the rule of law, while devising and implementing the global responses to global challenges.

In this regard, we will continue to support the overall reform process - System Wide Coherence, as well as the integrated program of action Delivering as One, driven by successful implementation at the national level. I proudly point out here that in Podgorica, the capital city of Montenegro, in the most beautiful part of the town, the UN Eco building was opened in March this year, which hosts all specialized agencies of the United Nations. This building offers optimum conditions for their work and implementation of the concept Delivering as One. I see this project as a strong proof of a reliable partnership of Montenegro in achieving fundamental UN goals.

As a member of the Human Rights Council, Montenegro will continue to fully support the integration of human rights dimension in all aspects of work of the United Nations, as well as the further strengthening of the role of the Council in response to the violation of human rights, preserving the universality of international human rights law and the independence of the UN human rights system.

In our approach, the key priority is to promote the rights of vulnerable groups – rights of children, youth, elderly, persons with disability, LGBT persons and gender equality and the fight against discrimination.

Peace and stability, as preconditions for a prosperous development, can be ensured through positive activism in global international organizations, primarily the UN, and the constructive approach of every country in the sphere of regional policy as well as commitment to good neighbourly cooperation. Therefore, Montenegro strongly promotes this approach in the bilateral relations and regional initiatives in Southeast Europe. We are certain that the success of Montenegro in the process of integration into the European Union and NATO represents a major contribution to the stability and opening up of prospects for the development of the wider Balkans region.

Montenegro strongly supports global efforts towards disarmament and non-proliferation. This year, we ratified the Arms Trade Treaty (ATT), becoming 44th country to do so. Our ratification represents our contribution towards the entry into force of this historic Treaty as well as illustration of our firm commitment to the responsible global arms trade.

Open and frozen conflicts, from Ukraine, across the Middle East, to Africa pose a threat to durable global stability. Of particular concern is the fact that the escalation of violence typically causes humanitarian disasters and massive human rights violations. We fully advocate an urgent end to violence and a political dialogue that would lead to solutions in accordance with international law, the UN Charter and relevant UN resolutions. In this context we believe that stronger emphasis in the UN activities of international community should be placed on better utilizing preventive measure under Chapter VI of the UN Charter, with special focus on mediation as a highly cost effective tool for conflict prevention and peaceful resolution of conflicts.

I would like to reaffirm Montenegro’s strong commitment to the Responsibility to Protect as a matter of national priority. Montenegro welcomes French initiative on a “Code of Conduct” on the use of veto in situation of genocide, war crimes, crimes against humanity and ethnic cleansing and remains keen in operationalization of this proposal.

The rule of law and protection of civilians in peacekeeping missions is of particular importance, and we stand for the consistent implementation of the mandate of the UN peacekeeping missions to which we are ready to contribute.

Unfortunately, terrorism still poses an enormous threat to international peace and security, as evidenced by the current events in the Middle East. I consider that it is necessary to step up efforts at all three levels in preventing terrorism in accordance with international instruments and the UN Global Counter-Terrorism Strategy.

Montenegro strongly promotes sustainable development policy and in line with our active participation in the Open Working Group for Sustainable Development Goals we are committed to further contribute towards the elaboration of transformative and ambitious post-2015 development framework.

I think that the post-2015 development agenda must be based on an approach of respect and promotion of human rights where human development will truly ensure that no one is neglected. Poverty eradication and sustainable prosperity for the benefit of all people and the planet must be the overarching objective and guide in the design of the Transformative Development Agenda.

We strongly support important mission of the United Nations implemented by the UNDP relating to human development, which essentially affirms fundamental human values. We are proud that, two weeks ago, UNDP chose Montenegro to host the presentation of this yearČs Human Development Report for the Southeast Europe and Central Asia regions. We see it both as a recognition of Montenegro for its progress and affirmation of the human development and as a proof of a reliable partnership between Montenegro and the United Nations.

Finally, I wish to emphasize the fact that the United Nations have a responsible partner in Montenegro, which will continue to promote and pursue the goals and values fostered by the Charter.

Thanks for your attention.

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