June 25, 2014

Romania: Address by President Vujanović at the SEECP Summit
President of Montenegro Filip Vujanović held speech today at the Summit of Heads of State and Government of the South East European Cooperation Process.

Address by President Vujanović :

Your Excellencies,
Dear friends,

First of all, I would like to express my gratitude to our host, President B„sescu for the warm welcome and excellent organization of the Summit.

Montenegro strongly supports all regional processes and it has been fully committed to the improvement of good cooperation with the neighbouring countries and the region. In this context, the South East Cooperation Process has a special value, not only for its contributions to the stability and cooperation in the region, but also for its important role in wider integrations.

The SEECP has been successfully promoting values of each country in the region for already 18 years now, representing a political forum in the interest of dialogue, mutual understanding and progress in the integration processes of the South East European countries that have been in these processes.

As an important regional mechanism, the SEECP will continue to assist us in finding the solution for open issues. Democratic ambiance of the region is such that value of the political dialogue in solving open issues is a clear and permanent commitment. In this dialogue, the role of regional initiatives and organizations is of paramount importance.

Dear friends, I would like to say that stability of our region has been its important value. However, stability requires full and continuous commitment and should be promoted both as an important contribution to the European stability and as a necessary value for a better economic and social situation. Stability of each country depends on the stability of the region as a whole, so the regional cooperation is of vital interest for each state.
Regional cooperation has been a strong recommendation for wider integrations of the countries in the region. Therefore, Montenegro attaches special importance to the regional cooperation in its European and Euro-Atlantic integrations.

Montenegro has been responsibly committed to the EU accession process. So far, we have temporarily closed two chapters and opened ten chapters more, including two very demanding chapters -23 and 24, which deal with human rights and the rule of law and have crucial importance in the accession negotiations. The accession negotiations bring new responsibilities, but also give an impetus for overall development of the country and society. I believe that achievements of Montenegro in the EU integration process are also encouraging for other Western Balkan countries and confirm the continuation of the enlargement policy without delay.

We are delighted that Croatia, as the youngest EU member, has proved that enlargement has a special value. We are glad that Turkey has continued its accession negotiations. We wish Albania to open accession negotiations as soon as possible. We strongly support the efforts of Macedonia aimed at opening the negotiation process, and efforts of Bosnia and Herzegovina in fulfilling conditions for obtaining the EU candidate status. It is very important for Kosovo and Moldova to sign the Stabilization and Association Agreement as soon as possible. We are glad that Serbia, as our neigbouring and friendly country, has opened its accession negotiations as well. It is important both for Serbia and the region and I am sure of Serbia»s commitment in the EU integration process and good dynamics of its accession process.

As regards the Euro-Atlantic integrations, Montenegro has undertaken all activities to ensure the invitation for the NATO membership. I am convinced that the decision on invitation is only political one, as we have met all military, security and other necessary standards to this end. Therefore, I expect that our friends from the region, who are NATO members- Croatia, Albania, Greece, Romania, Bulgaria and Turkey -which means both from the eastern and western part of the South East Europe, will support invitation for Montenegro to join NATO at the NATO Summit to be held in September in Great Britain.

I would like to thank all countries in the region for the assistance and support for Montenegro in the NATO integrations so far. But, I would like to invite you, frankly and friendly, to give us your strong support also in the final phase of our Euro-Atlantic integrations. It would be a success both for Montenegro and the NATO countries in the region. It would also be a confirmation of the NATO»s open door policy and proof that political decision is based on individual merit of each country.

Cooperation in the field of economy, joint projects, joint access of our companies to the third markets and all other forms of joint efforts for improvement of the economic situation, opening new jobs and improvement of living standard of our citizens are of vital importance for all our countries. Therefore, we support adoption of the South East Europe 2020 Strategy, which would make region more competitive and bring it closer to the European family of nations. The Strategy goals relating to the growth of regional GDP, increase in regional trade and reduction of trade deficit are priorities of all Western Balkan countries and region as a whole. We believe that proper implementation of the Strategy will ensure increase in trade and export rate, higher level of Foreign Direct Investment and higher employment rate.

I express my appreciation to Romania for a successful chairmanship over the last year, especially for the activities concerning the SEECP reform and inauguration of the SEECP Parliamentary Assembly.

I also express my appreciation to the Secretary General of the Regional Cooperation Council for the achievements presented in the Annual Report on Regional Cooperation in the South East Europe.

SEECP Bucharest Summit Declaration that we adopt here today confirms that it is important to emphasize regional priorities and that involvement and readiness for concrete cooperation and improvement of regional dialogue are essential.

Thank you for your attention.

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