June 20, 2014

President Vujanović Speaks at the First Session of Crans Montana Forum
The President of Montenegro Filip Vujanović delivered today a speech at the first plenary session of the Crans Montana Forum – “Peace and Development in the Mediterranean: Improving Cooperation and Building a Better World”.

The following is the text of the speech delivered by President Vujanović:

Your Excellenices,
Ladies and Gentlemen,

It is my great pleasure to be with you today here in Rabat and to take part in the Crans Montana Forum once again. The Forum has been a valued gathering of the decision-makers for the last 25 years, promoting ideas for a more humane and fair world. I believe that this session will also be fruitful, as always.
Montenegro is a country that reflects the diversity of the region it belongs to - the Mediterranean. I proudly say that Montenegro is a place where people of different religions and ethnic background live in harmony for centuries. This harmony was preserved even in times of war conflicts in the Balkans 20 years ago.

Montenegro promotes these values in its foreign policy. Not only that we strongly respect universal values and rights, but we do our best in promoting cooperation and exchange with all countries, creating new opportunities for mutual development. We hope it is a model for a better world too.

As a Mediterranean country, Montenegro is ready to take its responsibilities in addressing modern challenges before the region.

Environmental protection of the Mediterranean shores and waters is an imperative for the countries of the region. Huge joint efforts need to be made in resolving the problems of waste disposal and in cleaning polluted waters. Biodiversity must be preserved too. Failing to do so, future generations will be deprived of basic preconditions for a quality life.

Therefore , Montenegro actively contributes to the international efforts of the governmental and non-governmental organizations in this important matter. The Government of Montenegro consistently implements recommendations and respect obligations under its strategic documents, working jointly with the non-governmental organizations in this field. We address the issues of urban pollution and industrial waste increasingly well, despite the limited funds. Our industry and overall economy have been in the process of restructuring for years. However, the process has been implemented in accordance with the strict requirements for the ecological protection.

Tourism is one of the most important economy sectors in the region. Its perspectives are conditioned by success in environmental protection and effective cooperation of the countries in the region. Trade and culture exchange will make people in the region closer and more prosperous. We should encourage related activities and create mechanisms to ensure this.

Food production is another field of our future cooperation. Natural resources of the region offer long term prospects for organic and healthy food production. This is another economic activity coherent with the environmental protection.

Demand for clean energy will, naturally, increase in the years to come. The light ring, planned by and for the European Union, will become soon a reality. Similar projects will emerge too. I see that as another chance for development of the Mediterranean and countries of North Africa. An agile approach in the clean energy sector, combined with an advance of the countries in education and science sectors, will boost overall development.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

In the growing inter-dependent world, no country can pave its way to a more prosperous future on its own. We have to work jointly for it. The remaining political issues should be resolved through dialogue and readiness to compromise within international framework. In that regard, as well as in all international activities aimed to secure peace, stability and prosperity for all, Montenegro will continue to be a constructive partner to all countries.

Thank you for your attention.

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