May 07, 2014

Cooperation of Montenegro and Monaco for the Benefit of Citizens of the Two Countries
President of Montenegro, Filip Vujanović, expressed his pleasure over the official visit to Monaco, stating that he had an open, constructive and very useful talk with Prince Albert II, which is a confirmation of very close ties between the two countries and opening of new room for cooperation.

“We were pleased to talk about numerous interstate agreements, the framework agreement between the two chambers of commerce, as well as a very important investment conference which was recently held in Monaco and at which the Prime Minister, Milo Đukanović, participated and met Prince Albert II, too”, said President Vujanović, stating that on the occasion of the last year’s visit of Prince Albert II to Montenegro, a framework of cooperation between the two states had been set out.

The Montenegrin President said that the meeting with Prince Albert II was an opportunity to plan joint activities in the field of encouraging the companies and businesspeople from Monaco to invest into Montenegro.

“There are already several companies which show strong interest in partnership with Montenegro and I expect a lot of assistance in this field from the honorary consul Anthony Stent-Torriani”, who has already done a lot by enabling us to have a Honorary Consulate in an elite location, said President Vujanović.

He emphasized that the honorary consul of Montenegro to Monaco guarantees with his professional and personal biography that he would be a strong diplomatic bridge of cooperation between the two states.

“Bearing this in mind, I am certain that cooperation of Montenegro and Monaco will serve the interests of the citizens of the two states, i.e. further promote our closeness as the two friendly countries which have a wide room for cooperation at all levels”, said President Vujanović.

Honorary Consul of Montenegro to Monaco, Anthony Stent-Torriani said he was proud and that being elected for that position posed a great honour to him.

“This is a great privilege and I am glad that President Vujanović appreciates the importance of honorary consulates. I will do my best to deepen the relations of Montenegro and Monaco. These relations are excellent – which is mirrored by the last year’s visit of Prince Albert II to Montenegro, as well as visit of President Vujanović to Monaco and recent visit of Prime Minister, Milo Đukanović”, he said.

Mr. Torriani stated that he would strive to strenghten the economic and cultural cooperaiton between Montenegro and Monaco.

„I have experience in the field of banking and promotion of Tourism and I have done a lot to make Monaco visible as an elite tourism and business destination. I will try to transpose this experience into strenghtening of econmic cooperation between Montenegro and Monaco“, he said, adding that he hoped that he would be able to soon bring a delegation of Monaco to Montenegro.

On the occasion of opening the Honorary Consulate of Montenegro to Monaceo, an occasional reception was held, attended by numerous distinguished invitees.

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